Membership details for new and prospective members

BASC membership is open to all children of 5 years and over who have reached the recommended level of Stage 5 in the 'British Gas Learn to Swim Pathway' (Can swim 10m of all four strokes). Applicants are called for an assessment to determine the appropriate class for their swimming standard. We then contact you when a place becomes available in that class.

Swimmers usually start at St. Margaret's school between 16:00pm and 18:00pm on Sundays. They will develop technique for all four strokes to a competitive standard and will also learn competitive starts, turns and finishes. Swimmers who are more advanced will swim at Bushey Grove Leisure Centre in one of the classes between 16:00pm and 19:00. These sessions aim to improve strength, stamina and ability. The most competent members of our club swim from 19:00pm to 20:30pm and this includes a number of Master swimmers. Please note that if your child is 12+ and hasn’t learnt competitive starts or turns we suggest continuing with swimming lessons until Stage 8 is completed from the ‘Learn to Swim Pathway’ as we try not to mix too many age groups up within our sessions.

Some members are offered additional sessions on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. For competition standard swimmers there are further sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday evenings.

The membership fee is the same for everyone. The older swimmers get more pool time but the younger ones need more individual tuition and get a higher teacher to swimmer ratio. All of our teachers are fully qualified.

Membership fees for 2023

Annual membership £75

Monthly subscription £35

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Note: If membership is not renewed, the swimmers are not insured and will not be allowed to swim

Fees are reduced pro-rata for people joining mid-term.

It is a policy of Bushey Amateur Swimming Club that no individual will be refused membership owing to their inability to pay either the membership or termly fees. If payment is a problem, please speak to either the Treasurer or Membership Secretary in confidence.

The annual membership fee includes a portion to cover Swim England registration. The club holds details of all members' registration and membership details. Details of your SE membership are available in your Swim Manager account.

BASC's affiliation to the Swim England includes provision of Public Liability and Employer's Liability Insurance. Details of these policies can be found on the BASC Noticeboard at Bushey Grove Leisure Centre or by contacting the Treasurer on poolside or by

Additional information for new members

  Communication   The main forms of communication to members are:

  • This website - we try to update it regularly with relevant information so it is worth checking once (or even twice) a week.

  • E-mail - notifications of upcoming meets, changes to training or other club events may be e-mailed to our members.

  • It is important that we have your up to date details for mobile phone numbers and email addresses. Please update in Swim Manager as necessary.

  Poolside Rules   In addition to the normal operating rules of the pool:

  • Swim hats must be worn by any swimmer with long hair that falls into their eyes.

  • Goggles should be worn to avoid sore eyes.

  • Swim shorts and bikinis are NOT permitted.

  • All jewellery must be removed before entering the pool.

  • Please ensure a teacher is informed of any medical condition that may affect a swimmer while in the pool.


     Internal Competitions

  • A Club Championship gala is held each term. All members are encouraged to enter.

  • 200/400m Free, 200m IM & 800/1500m Free - swims held once a year.

  • Time Trials - held once per term

     Inter Club Galas

     Open Meets

  • We take swimmers to a number of Open Meets of varying standards throughout the year. Visit our Meets page in Swim Manager for more details.

Swimming Lessons The Club sessions complement formal swimming lessons but are not a substitute. We recommend younger members also take lessons, such as those run by Hertsmere Leisure at Bushey Grove Pool. Children who do not have lessons may progress at a slower rate than peers who do, which can cause them to lose interest in swimming.

Disability Swimming Bushey ASC is committed to being an inclusive club for the whole community. We aim to accommodate swimmers of all abilities, and in accordance with Swim 21 guidelines, record details of disability within our membership records in order that we can provide the best opportunities for all our members. For other opportunities for disabled swimmers, the following links to British Swimming may be useful.

 British Swimming - Disability                    British Swimming Disability Classification

And finally The Club is run by a dedicated and committed team of volunteers. If you would like to become further involved and help us in any way, please speak to a member of the committee. We are always looking for swimming teachers and gala officials (for whom training will be given), and committee members.